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Working out under the guiding hands of an experienced coach brings many benefits and is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. It is the most effective way to achieve one’s set goal, which can vary, including weight loss, improving physical condition, gaining muscle mass, eliminating back and other pains, completing a triathlon or even running your first marathon.

The trainer always creates a tailor-made training plan for the client, taking into account the client’s current physical and mental condition, goals and limitations.

Trainer-led sessions vary and the same routines are not repeated. During the exercise, you will use both classic fitness machines and dumbbells, as well as less traditional accessories such as balancing surfaces, gymnastic rings, horizontal bars and TRX

Our trainers are happy to do training with you outside the fitness club, especially swimming, running or cycling.


Such training is suitable for couples, friends or colleagues from work. It is personal training, but in a small group setting, making the workout seem faster and more fun.

Small training groups are for those who want to train under the guidance of an experienced coach, but don’t not want to do it alone. While the trainer oversees the overall training plan and the techniques involved, friends and fellow trainees can add an element of competition as they build up commitment.

Training can focus on specific muscle areas or types of sports agreed to between the trainer and the clients.

Regeneration is a vital part of your overall training plan.

Come and warm up your tired muscles in our sauna or book a massage with one of our experienced masseurs and take the time to relax and unwind.

If you suffer from overworked muscles, joint problems or other musculoskeletal pain, let our professional physiotherapists help you resolve your issues and feel better.

It’s never too late to start exercising and improving your lifestyle. Movement is important at any age. You get the right advice from an experienced trainer who will help you choose the proper routines and techniques, practice breathing, get more limber and eat healthier for a fuller life.

The positive effects of an active lifestyle:

  • increased muscle to body fat ratio,
  • increased capacity of the cardiovascular system,
  • improved metabolism (lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels),
  • increased bone strength,
  • improved overall well-being

A healthy diet is a key factor in successfully achieving your fitness goals, whether you want to reduce fat, gain muscle mass or improve your overall health. Contact our nutritionist for professional help.

What we offer:

  • Diagnosis via the state-of-the-art InBody machine and setting of correct targets,
  • Analysis of your current diet and how to appropriately adjust it to make your goals achievable,
  • Calculation of your daily caloric intake and distribution of macronutrients,
  • Work with calorie tables,
  • Nutritional consultation,
  • Recommendations for nutritional additives and supplements

Do you have a sedentary job and want to start exercising? If your answer is yes, this type of training is designed just for you.

This is a program especially for people who sit at work, want to alleviate neck and lower back pain and gain new energy. In this type of training, we focus on getting the whole body moving from the feet to the head. We focus on joint mobility, activation, stretching and strengthening weakened muscle groups, using both functional and free-weight training.

If you sit for most of your workday, this type of training is right for you and we guarantee that you will feel better after the first training, whether you are male or female, young or old, a complete sports beginner or a recreational athlete.

This training is not suitable for people who want to show off their muscles, exercise on machines and chase their egos in front of a mirror!

The concept of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) according to Professor of Physiotherapy Pavel Koláře is a method based on developmental kinesiology; that is, on the neurophysiological aspects of the mature motor system. It uses theoretical knowledge both in diagnostics (examination, testing, movement analysis) and practical skills in the subsequent treatment (correction, exercise) of motor stereotypes.

In practice, this method is based on the positions and movements that we can see in children during their first two years of life. It includes correct training in core stabilization — that is the deep spinal stabilization system, which is a basic prerequisite for specific limb function.

As part of the training program, our trainers will measure you on the InBody machine, which is used to analyze body composition.

With the help of InBody, it’s possible to precisely determine very the amount of muscle and body fat tissue and how they’re distributed across body. You will also discover your level of intestinal fat, BMI and WHR index, the value of basal metabolism, the amount of water in the body and other interesting data.

Regular measurements on the InBody machine are very motivating, because you see the changes that actually take place in your body as you reach benchmarks in your training plan. Examining the body’s  composition is also necessary to determine specific goals and compile an individual training or nutrition plan.