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Vladimír Korbel

I am a graduate of FTVS-UK, specializing in athletics. I have worked as a fitness trainer with a large number of professional athletes (Martin Ručinský, Petr Nedvěd, Kateřina Neumannová, Markéta Sluková, Martin Damm…). Currently, I like to work with clients who like to set a goal that we try to approach together. In my training I promote the versatility and development of all energy systems. I do not believe in shortcuts and empty guarantees, but in honest, long-term, systematic and planned cooperation with clients.

Gábina Sedláčková

Exercise is an important part of my life. In the past, my passion was gymnastics, but I also always enjoyed swimming, cycling, running, hiking, snowboarding and strength training. My specialization is functional training, cycling, core training, health exercises according to the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization developed by professor Kolar, as well as nutritional advice. I approach each client individually and adapt training methods to that person’s goal, but always with an emphasis on the right technique and overall lifestyle modification. I am pleased to be able to pass on to others my joy of exercise and a healthy lifestyle!


Functional training, core training, nutritional counseling

Jan Kareš

I’ve been involved in sports and exercise since I was a child, thanks to my father, who taught me rock climbing from the age of four. Weekends on the rocks, shaking hands at the top, humility, trust, friendship: these are values that are deeply ingrained in me to this day and which I try to pass on to others. I have been doing fitness for about 20 years. In my opinion, it doesn’t depend on age, but on how well people are led and who leads them. It’s easier and more fun with a coach. At my training sessions, people are motivated to gain a sense of well-being, relax, meet others and leave feeling better about themselves. I was able to motivate myself to break several Guinness World Records and I believe I can motivate you to move too!

James Gomez

I can show you that it is never too late to start working out and adopting a healthier lifestyle, no matter what your age is! Although I have always enjoyed a range of sports activities, such as golf, skiing and biking, I found the joy of fitness — honing my muscles and learning to better control my body movements — somewhat later in life. Fitness, in fact, changed my life and even improved my golf game! After 40 years as a journalist, I have now embarked on an exciting road as a licensed personal trainer, with a mission to help others overcome their sedentary lifestyle, make healthier choices in diet and feel good about themselves. Being fit is a goal that can be reached no matter how old you are. You owe it to yourself to start!


Training in English, functional training with or without weights, flexibility and mobility, TRX, Bosu, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio and reduction training, focus on muscle groups and body control for a better golf game.